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OhNoTheyDidnt Animation
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Welcome to ONTD Animation. We're a subsect of the fine/fresh/fierce livejournal community ohnotheydidnt. However, we are strictly dedicated to Animation!


MEMBERS ONLY. Only members are allowed to post to ONTD Animation. Posts must be approved by a Mod or Maintainer and must be within accordance to the rules of the community.

NSFW. No nudes or hentai in the body of the post that is outside of a cut. And even then, please limit NSFW things to late night posts or weekend posts and ONLY when it is relevant. I don't need to see the latest Disney Heroes sketch from David Kawena(Or do i...)

TAGS. Tag your posts! It helps members sift through a lot and find what they're looking for.

POSTED. If you think something has been posted already please check. It's not going to be fun to send you a rejection because someone else posted the latest news about Funimation's re-dub of ______.

ANIMATION. This is an animation community. It is not limited to 2d, 3d, CGI, Stop Motion, Cut Paper, Anime, etc.

NO FLAMING. NO SPAM. If we see a fight about sub vs. dub, pack ya bags. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's alright for you to disagree but don't be agressive or rude about it.

For the sake of members we will happily accept posts about Comics or Manga. It is an art form often assosiated with animation one way or another.

SOURCES. Don't forget to add a link to the source at the end of your post. :)

Every friday is FFAF. One of the mods will make a post dedicated to it so look out and come ready with your gifs/tumblrs/last.fm

GIF TUESDAY. Every tuesday is gif post tuesday. Fill up your gif folders with hilarious images. Come on, who doesn't need another I CAN'T gif.

ABSOLUTLEY NO FANFICTION POSTS. This is not the place for it. Seriously. You will be on the shit list if you even try.